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189 Minutes
$1.03 Per Minute
4.5 Reviews

Kojiro Yuan

United States


I am a Guitar Teacher with experience teaching Beginner to Advanced Levels. I can provide 1 on 1 Guitar Lessons and more from the Beginner to Advanced Levels. I focus on teaching Guitar through incorporating effective practice methods, Musicianship, Music Theory, Guitar Theory, Technique, Repertoire, and more. Every Guitar Lesson will teach you at least 1 new thing step by step. This is effective so that the learning is focused and it gives you a chance to correct mistakes and develop all the ri

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Music Guitar Musicianship Guitar-Theory Guitar-Technique Classical-Guitar Music-Theory
2 Reviews
Shou Yuan


1 year ago


Very smooth video and audio

Clare Yuan

United States

1 year ago


Kojiro provided awesome instruction to introduce the guitar and the basics of how to read music. His explanation made this new information very clear. He readily answered questions to clarify the parts of the guitar and how music is written. There were minor problems with the video output, otherwise, he would have rated 5 stars!